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Selected review/criticism 部分評論:

How do we narrate and reenact the bodies of migrant workers? The three key creative concepts of Your Bros. Filmmaking Society

(9/2023,委約文章,刊於跳格舞蹈影像節2023年的你哥影視社小誌,轉載於Cinezen HK 映畫手民)


Upon departure: How Can Hong Kong Documentaries Reconstruct Reality?

(3/2023,字花 第102期「香港電影評論小輯」Zihua issue 102, "Hong Kong Cinema Criticism Compilation")

【2022 南方​影展】散落再重聚:記南方影展的香港作品及「後 2019」影像的政治性

Scattered Reunion: Remembering Hong Kong Works at the 2022 Southern Film Festival and the Politics of "Post-2019" images.


【香港跳格舞蹈影像節2022】如何從影像看舞蹈?Daniele Wilmouth與卓翔的跨媒介風景 
Jumping Frames – Hong Kong International Movement-image Festival 2022: How to Perceive Dance through the lens of Moving Images? Daniele Wilmouth and Cheuk Cheung's Transmedial Landscape
(8/2022,Cinezen HK 映畫手民)

香港電影業還有未來嗎?Is there a future for Hong Kong Cinema? 







Editorial 編輯:


Our Manifestos II: Videography, Documentary Impulses (book project),
Associate Editor

published by Floating Projects Collective, May 2021

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