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Public Talk:

  • VMAC Forum: Time-based Media Collection and Accessibility, presented by Videotage, 20/2/2023 (moderator)


Academic Conference:

  • XXVIII Visible Evidence 2022, 13/8/2022
    [Presentation Topic] Drifting from present to the past: reconfiguring an alternative discourse of Hong Kong history in the recent political documentary


  • Eye International Conference 2022, 31/5/2022
    [Presentation Topic] What makes the dispersed narratives in Global South: An Ethnographic Study of Alternative Archives in Hong Kong

  • Association for Asian Studies 2022 Annual Conference, 24/3/2022
    [Presentation Topic] A 1970s Film Collective: Phoenix Cine Club and the Experimental Cinema of Hong Kong 
    in the panel of Crime, Eros, and Intellect: The 1970s and the Making of Modern Hong Kong in Film

  • Multiple Decolonialities and the Making of Asian Commons, 18/2/2022
    [Presentation Topic] Green Team and Video Power: a comparative study of independent video activism and collective formation in Hong Kong and Taiwan



Academice Conference:

  • Society for Hong Kong Studies Annual Conference 2021
    [Presentation Topic] Youth Politics after 1967: An Examination of the Political Re-enactment in Beggar (1970)
    in the panel of Hong Kong during a Previous Age of Global Crisis: Politics and Society in Post-1967 Cinema


Public Talk:

  • Ge.stell online residency and talk Nov 21, 2021.

  • “Documentary Impulses” Book Launch meeting and screening《記述的衝動》新書發佈見面及放映
    (Programmer and Moderator) June 6,2021.



Academice Conference:

  • Hong Kong Studies symposium 2021, on Hong Kong and Visual Arts, organized by Hong Kong Studies Association
    [Presentation Topic] From amateur to experimental: a study of Ho Fan’s experimental moving image art


Academice Conference:

  • THE PICTURESQUE: Visual Pleasure and Intermediality in-between Contemporary Cinema, Art and Digital Culture, organized by Sapientia University, Department of Film, Photography and Media, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    [Presentation Topic] From self-portrait to personal documentary: a media-archaeological study of the image of subjectivity

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